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Author Topic: Translations: In Times of Turmoil, Knight Gundam Comes to the Rescue in English!  (Read 3680 times)


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I downloaded the last set No-Intro set (20200329-092100) and it really worked, but the CRC indicated on the post is wrong, in fact it's 739B1B5f.
(Unfortunately it still does not work in Mesen and it seems that SourMesen is in little mood to update its emulator.)
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The patch is still broken. Why?
The latest No-Intro Set is fake and has wrong iNES2.0 headers for every ROM.

I mean one can still use them but accurate emulators may not play the games properly at all.
One can also just remove the iNES2.0 header bytes and revert it back to iNES1.0 instead.


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Well, shit. I'll just revert the patch back to using the ROM with the incorrect header I used before. The patch won't work in the future if the header gets corrected. I've got some text changes for the next patch anyhow. I don't think xdelta patches requires the crcs to match and I don't use ips patches for expanded NES ROMs because half the ROM will be copied.

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xDelta requires the CRC to match as well if I recall correctly, xD.
Using beat will still output a patched file even if the checksum is wrong, though.

The .ips isn't recommend for expanded PRG anyway. Unless you use ROM Expander Pro or nflate or some expansion tool like these before and apply the .ips afterwards.


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Maybe include ips patch that "corrects" headered rom, then use bps or xdelta patching?

With 1.02, it expects
4E 45 53 1A 10 10 02 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


I created ips patches to fix wrong headered rom. Then apply the translation.
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The eleventh Knight Gundam series, taking place several years Upsers after the previous series. It also includes several nods to previous works as well. The character designs come primarily from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.
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