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Author Topic: Error: Unsupported mapper!  (Read 952 times)


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Error: Unsupported mapper!
« on: February 06, 2020, 02:54:19 pm »
Hello, and thank you for this wonderful forum and all of you amazing hackers out there!  :woot!:

I would like to ask a question.  Maybe someone has the answer.  I am trying to run the well known "Tetris Zero" hack.  I have already patched the .ips file to my .nes ROM.  It runs flawlessly on the emulator on my computer.  However, I'd like to run it on my ED64 Plus on my Nintendo 64.  I'm trying to set it up for my wife who is a huge Tetris fan from childhood so we can play it together.

When I run the ROM on my ED64 Plus, with an emulator I get an error message.  It says "Error: Unsupported mapper!"  I am running Neon64 on my ED64 Plus.

I know the source of the problem.  The mapper is edited in the rom hack and the emulator doesn't support it.

I think there may be two solutions:
1.  To somehow change the mapper to a more "supported" one for the Neon64.  Is this possible, and easy to do for a noob?
2.  To use a different emulator for my N64.  Anyone know of any others?