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Author Topic: SMB2J for SMB1 - GreatED Experiment  (Read 789 times)


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SMB2J for SMB1 - GreatED Experiment
« on: October 17, 2019, 06:40:12 pm »
This is a discussion topic and beta testing! Not a personal project!

I've been using the GreatED SMB1 editor and testing it for many months and I think it's a pretty good level editor but the lack of it's features comparing with SMB1 Utility. Read the documentation for more information after you download it. There are 2 IPS patches of the file, standard and GreatED version for people that is interested to view the SMB2J level data inside the editor itself.

Comparing with the Famicom version and YES I know there are already the SMB2J for the NES (and loopy's MMC3 conversion) but version I built from GreatED as a project is actually a remake version with some features. For instance, the Famicom to NES conversions has 4 branches for each world level while the remake version has 2 branches which is Worlds 1 through 9 and Worlds A through D on a specific rom offset. The remake version uses coding assets from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. I forgot to mention in my document is that Level End, Pipe Intros and Treetop Warp Zones are rom offset around x1E00 as the pointer with no enemies loaded.

It's currently in the beta phase as some SMB2J features are missing. What should I do now is to convert a 81KB SMB1 rom with SMB2J items into GreatED's 257KB rom and try to insert the SMB2J levels. This is made entirely from scratch after GreatED is used. What lacks GreatED from SMB Utility is the ability to see tile metadata such as Upside Down Pipes being non-existent in the editor but in the ROM. I hope the author updates it!

I also like to know about GreatED's loop commands and how the data work comparing with SMB1 or SMB2J loop command system. I couldn't figure out!

Warning: Saving levels using GreatED will overwrite and rearrange all level data. Level Data I wrote are in the original FDS order (enemy data for Worlds A through D are from The Lost Levels) and so are the pointers. Backup before using the rom as a base for your project or I will make some updates.

This is not a full-game project but rather a testing phase to see what GreatED can do!

Debug mode is activated, press B to select any SMB2J world. World 9 is unplayable as the pipe pointers are not coded yet but you can view them with GreatED.
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