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Author Topic: [PSP] Final Fantasy Tactics - ULUS10297 - ASM Hacks  (Read 475 times)


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[PSP] Final Fantasy Tactics - ULUS10297 - ASM Hacks
« on: October 15, 2019, 11:52:06 am »
-Platform: PSP
-Game: Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions (ULUS10297)
-Type: Improvement
-Name: FFT-RG
-Version: Alpha
-Hacks included:
--Slowdown fix v2(Similar to already known slowdown fix)
--Add spellquotes back to the game
--Spell quotes always pop up
--Unlock novels
--Smart Encounters
--Battle Initial Camera v2
--Abilities in Math skill skillset can be reflected
--Unlocked jobs v2(Removes all non level requirements for jobs)
--Battle jobs list(Fix what status jobs list show in battle)
--Formula 36 is now +PA_(X) and +MA_(Y)
--Mighty sword v2
--Crits always deal 50 percent bonus damage
--Remove dupe font data
--Replace font file ENG version
--Replace font width file ENG version
--Replace spell.mes file
--Replace snplmes.bin file
--Replace wldmes.bin file
--Rewrite all quick access text
--Null slps file in fftpack
--Null atchelp.lzw file in fftpack
--Null open.lzw file in fftpack
--Null world.lzw file in fftpack
--Null all quick text in the boot file
--Replace all quick access text
-Created with: Valhalla (alpha)
-Special thanks to: RafaGam, NoOneee, melonhead and Archemic
-Download: here
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Re: [PSP] Final Fantasy Tactics - ULUS10297 - ASM Hacks
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2019, 04:43:55 pm »
Dang, this is a great base patch! I so wish I would have had it for FFT: Emergence. If I ever rebuild the ISO, I'm totally using this!