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Author Topic: Decompressing & Translating Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wiiware Games  (Read 587 times)


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A bit of backstory: I was chatting with someone who is also really into roguelikes, and they mentioned that there are three smaller Wiiware Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games that were only released in Japan, and that they also apparently haven't been translated.

I'm busy with my Asuka Kenzan translation project right now and won't be able to work on other stuff for a while in the technical department, but if someone gives me the script / text to translate, I'd be willing to do a quick Japanese to English translation. (I'm assuming there isn't much in terms of story since they're Wiiware games)

Though note that I'm not super familiar with Pokemon games outside of gen 1, so someone would likely want to double-check names for stuff like items, moves, English pokemon names, etc.

So with that said, if anyone is interested, I took a quick look at said Wiiware game wads:

You can extract the files with ShowMiiWads and unpack with the "Unpack U8 Archive" option, and the text data and whatnot should be in data2_WPAJ.bin (WPAJ is the title id for Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan, the other two games are data2_WPHJ.bin and data2_WPFJ.bin).

However, that binary file seems to be further compressed as well (I recognized some pokemon names while examining the binary file in a hex editor, but it was garbled), so I think it needs to be decompressed first. I came across this guide while searching around a bit -

And that thread lists some of the common compression types for Wii/Wiiware games and tools that can be used to decompress them (not sure if any of these apply to these games, but worth a try?):
Alternative model previewer: BRRESViewer
ARC file extraction: U8Tool (Google it.)
AFS file decompression: AFSExplorer
CPK file decompression: UTF_Tab Suite
FPK file decompression: FPKTool
LZH8 file decompression: LZH8_CmpDec
YAZ0 file decompression: SZSTools
NTCompress: Google it -- it's an SDK program that can't be linked to for legal reasons, look for the latest version.
QuickBMS -- (For use with the scripts below.)

Also just for reference, here are the three full names for those games:
[WPAJ] Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan (Japan) (WiiWare)
[WPHJ] Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Mezase! Hikari no Boukendan (Japan) (WiiWare)
[WPFJ] Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Susume! Honou no Boukendan (Japan) (WiiWare)

So yeah, just throwing that out there. I likely won't be too much help beyond that on the technical side of things since I want to remain focused on Asuka Kenzan until it's completed.