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Author Topic: Regarding Updates on Patches and Translations  (Read 1070 times)


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Regarding Updates on Patches and Translations
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:50:13 am »
Hello Everybody,

I hadn't been here for a while, but I went back and checked what new translations were added to the database for the NES and saw quite a few.  7 of them weren't new though, however, they were updates to existing patches.

At first, when I saw this, I thought the information here was just being presented in a better manner for end users, but that's not the case and you wouldn't ever know a lot of patches were ever updated unless somebody changes that field for the "Release Date".

For example (and I don't mean to call you out Psylax, buddy  ;), but yours is the first example I come across when looking at all NES translations alphabetically!), "Aighina's Prophecy: From The Legend of Balubalouk":

Relevant Info: Release Date   29 Jun 2017
                     Last Modified   13 October 2017

                     Note in Description: VERSION 1.1 CHANGES

I'm assuming that the Version 1.1 Update was uploaded here slightly before 13 October 2017 and was then approved by the moderator(s) here on that date.

But if you look at ALL Translations for Nintendo Entertainment System, it shows the initial release date of 29 Jun 2017 for that translation.  So long story short, the way the data is presented when searching for translations and hacks here, the only way that you would know if a patch you love was updated would be to click on the patch itself every once in a while and see if the author put an update on the page.  You would also know if the author changed the Release Date field, but you couldn't just take that for granted.

Perhaps if there could be a separate field in the search tables for "Last Modified" it would be much easier for people to see which patches got updates when searching by date?

Given how the system works here, I thought it was REALLY nice for the patch authors to update that release date field so that these newer versions would show up as "NEW", if you've been paying attention to the last time you were here.  But at the same time I feel that in doing so it's kind of de-legitimatizing the actual initial release date of their work, for historical purposes.  Patch Updates is should be what the "Last Modified" date is used for, not the "Release Date" field.

And actually, the "Last Modified" date probably is used for quite a bit of other things such as moderator approved edits on information found in these entries, of which I've had many approved over time here.  So maybe the "Last Modified" tag isn't the proper place for Patch Upgrades either and there might be a call for an additional field?

I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do here.  Seeing that there were 7 recent upgrades, I will eventually be going back through every translation and every hack that I have to make sure mine are all up to date, but I was hoping that after I do this issue could be addressed so in the future it will be easy to tell when patch updates were made after a certain date. 

I went through this very process around 1 1/2 years ago after not being here around 10 years and there were something like 50 to 75 patches that I needed to upgrade, along with all the new ones I put together.  I doubt that number will be very big at all this time around since it hasn't been a decade or more, but without any good way of seeing this on a quick and easy database that you can sort by date, it means I'm going to be verifying by hand and with my eyeballs over 1,000 patches.  :)

Thanks for reading.  I know I can get my thoughts jumbled and maybe I'm not the best at laying out exactly what I'm trying to say, so please do ask what the hell I'm talking about if I wrote it all confusing like.   :laugh:


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Re: Regarding Updates on Patches and Translations
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2019, 11:49:13 am »
I'm going to re-word this to make it much simpler since I didn't get any replies the first time around.

By tomorrow, I will have gone through every NES and FDS translation patch hosted here and verified that I have the absolute latest version release for each one.

In the future, if I have tomorrow's date written down as the last time everything was verified, is the search system "sort by date" feature here set up to show patches as newer than that date if they were given an updated release after tomorrow?



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Re: Regarding Updates on Patches and Translations
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2019, 02:39:24 pm »
Release dates can be kinda... strange in rare instances.  I've seen my own updates sometimes carry a release date change to a later date even though I don't mark one.  I don't really remember the exact date of a couple of the patches I've written since the Pokemon projects had such a long timeline before RHDN, so I can't really argue when this happens to me.

Either way, keep this in mind: "Last Modified" does not always pertain to the file itself.  That date gets updated every single time an entry is modified.  A lot of times we do cleanup like updating to the correct ROM info or fixing descriptions, so those also count as a modification here.


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Re: Regarding Updates on Patches and Translations
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2019, 09:23:58 am »
Before I answer your question, I'd like to point out that if you click on the date in the Last Modified field, you'll actually find that the updated patch was indeed released on June 29 as stated, thus meaning that it's correctly sorted in the list, making the general answer to your question "yes."  However, there are many other patches that aren't sorted properly in terms of when they were actually posted on this site.  For example, this patch was created in October of 2016, but wasn't posted to the site until March of 2018.  If you sort by date, this patch appears under October 2016, so you wouldn't have seen it when it was posted if you were relying solely on this function.

That's what the "sort by added" filter is for.  Using that gives you a list of patches in (reverse) chronological order of when the patch was first posted.  Of course, this has the opposite problem of ignoring when the patch was updated (which you incorrectly surmised was the flaw of the "sort by date" filter).  So you'll have to look at both lists to be 99% confident that you have seen all of the latest patches and the latest updates to those patches.

However, this still isn't perfect.  I will point you to this example of a patch for which the last update was posted in July 2017, but shows as April 2017 on the Date list and November 2016 on the Added list.  So the best way to make sure that you don't miss anything is to click on the "See More Translations..." link to the right of the page and look through the list of Last Updated Translations on a semi-regular basis.  The Latest New Translations list scrolls too quickly for casual persual due to all of the Spanish translations, but new patches will show up at the top of the Added list anyway so this shouldn't really matter.

I suppose there could be a "sort by modified" filter, but it would only be useful for these edge cases and largely non-useful otherwise (since you'll end up having a lot of patches show up at the top of the list for minor things like checksum corrections and image additions).