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Author Topic: [Japanese Translation] [GBA] Castlevania: White Night Concerto/HoD - Dialogue  (Read 285 times)


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Hello, I'm the guy who made the Localization Fix for Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. I've set my sights on releasing a sort of 'final' or definitive version of my patch (as well as the one for AoS) before the year is out.  The one thing I would really like to focus on for this final release is whether or not the in-game cutscene dialogue needs any further revisions or touch-ups in order to be both closer to the original Japanese script and to improve its overall readability/flow.

I've already made a few changes in the previous version(s), mostly for the reasons I've already stated. However, I'm certainly no native speaker, and I've probably made some mistakes. So now, I'm humbly asking anyone with the appropriate expertise and experience to help me compare the original Japanese dialogue script with the updated English script that I'm currently using for the latest version of the patch.

As far as resources go, there doesn't seem to be a complete dump or transcription of the Japanese script anywhere on the internet at the moment. The Script page for HoD on the Castlevania Wiki contains links to a Youtube playthrough of the Japanese version of the game corresponding to each section of the story, which is somewhat inconvenient but still the best available option. Transcripts of certain scenes relating to Maxim's character are also available here, but that's obviously all that the author covered. There's also a Translation Guide on GameFAQs that contains a rough, literal translation of the game's original Japanese dialogue, but I can't completely guarantee its accuracy.

Any interested parties can just hit me with a PM and I'll be very happy to share and discuss any information regarding previous or future possible script revisions in the form of documents/text files or emulator save states.