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Author Topic: Final Fantasy IV - Ultima  (Read 76781 times)

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Re: Final Fantasy IV - Ultima
« Reply #220 on: September 16, 2020, 02:29:06 am »
I forgot who it was but there was a project a while back that was upgrading the battle sprites and *I think* also the backgrounds to bring them up to par with the GBA rerelease.
Also, that FF2 pseudo-remake Mato translated has upgraded monster sprites.
As long as you're planning on looking into using larger map sprites, how about a look at graphics upgrades in general?
It's low priority, but it would be a hell of a cherry on top at the end.
The 4BPP backport project?
I think maybe yes.
I remember that asked Gedankenschild for help in order to apply the expanded palettes of their mod to the Ultimate mod. As far as I remember Gedankenschild has been absent, for quite some time by now.
Hi Vanya MysticLord Thanatos-Zero!
Yeah that was a while back, but it's been put in the back burner since ... now that the project is more or less at its final iteration maybe we can explore this idea again. However, the rom has been expanded for quite a bit and so this might or might not work off the bat .... if not then might require some tinkering to make it compatible with FF4 Ultima.
Any cheats for this that work? Am on Retroarch.
When in combat, go to the item screen and select a blank space, then select it and scroll all the way up to the top, then hit up one more time to select a weapon and/or shield. Select it to unequip it, then run out of combat. Equip whatever you want/can to the slot that got disarmed and boom, duplication. Rinse and repeat as many times as you like. You can do this multiple times per combat. Best of luck!
I have found that most GameGenie codes work, but not all, you'll to test each one you want to use. Same with ProActionReplay codes. Both ZSNES and SNES9X have cheat search functionality built in so finding your own codes is doable.
Hi nanashi89 Dakitty lexluthermiester!
Most beneficial glitches are kept in the game. GG codes and other forms of cheats should also work.

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Thanks again and cheers! :beer:

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