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Author Topic: The Legend of Zelda Winter Solstice (Another Zelda 2 Hack)  (Read 234 times)


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The Legend of Zelda Winter Solstice (Another Zelda 2 Hack)
« on: February 14, 2019, 10:58:21 pm »
Hi Everyone

Yes Another Zelda 2 Hack
I've waited to post something about my game for awhile now it mostly had to do with one of my goals being not to ask people for help until I had a lot of the work done. I know many of these projects get started and with good intentions but some get put on hold or lose interest, sometimes even restarted. This is a hobby a passion that we all share. I've had moments with this hack were I stopped working on it, one time for a good 6 months. I've also had to restructure palaces over and over again until I was happy with them. The game has gone through many changes. Its hard to see those hours now. I spent over 80 hours in palace 4 but the version you will see in my game only might account for 20 of those hours. hopefully you will feel it in other ways such as the game being more tighter or more well conceived.
So as you may of guessed by the above statement my hack is nearing completion but there are still some huge things needed to be done. Maps, overworlds, caves, palaces, forced encounters, bridges etc are near completion towns dialogue and story as well. of course I still need to do some fine tuning to those things and I have some play testers already lined up.
Before I get to far ahead of myself let me tell you a bit about the game and its intentions. I decided to make a hack that is close to the original in terms of design, story and leveling. I would classify it as being slightly harder then the original. If you've only ever beat Zelda 2 once this might me a bit of an uphill battle but I feel it's still beatable. I've really tried to make it so as many people can play it but still tried to keep it Nintendo hard. As the title suggests the game takes place in Winter....Winter Solstice to be exact. I really wanted it to have a specific setting.
Ultimately I hope people will enjoy my game but my main goal in this regard was to make sure I would enjoy it myself. I have three big challenges right now music, sprites and hacking. I've struggled with the idea of just considering changing the music because Zelda 2 music is so darn good, but when I think about Shadow of Night hearing that changed overworld music makes me want to at least attempt changing a few tracks. I've done most of the sprite work up to this point but its getting a bit too much and my skill set is definitely making it all take that much longer. it probably doesn't help that i'm really picky too.
For the hacking part i've actually been very fortunate that a friend that just happened to be the maker of one of the two Zelda 2 editors I've been using has helped me tremendously. I can't overstate that enough. You can find his editor here and the other editor I used which got me started on this crazy journey you can find here at romhacking dot net
Here's is a test idea I had to put a cape on link. right now its not in the game as I feel its not perfect and would really like to add a hood to the cape as well.
If anyone would like to help me work on some specific sprites or has knowledge of how to add / change music for Zelda 2 please PM me or message me here. I will of course give you credit for work and help with the game.

thanks for being interested and reading this long post XD


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Re: The Legend of Zelda Winter Solstice (Another Zelda 2 Hack)
« Reply #1 on: Today at 12:56:54 am »
I was kinda hoping we'd get to see some screenshots of what you have going so far, and also maybe some bullet points regarding what you are doing/plan to do that will set this hack apart from other Zelda 2 hacks (besides "slightly harder than the original" and "takes place in winter").
This seems to be a request for help, but I'm not quite clear on what you want help with (except information about how to hack the music, I guess). For the record, I'm not the person you want helping you. NES is not my bag, baby. But anybody who might be the person to help you will probably want to know these things, too.
Good luck!
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Re: The Legend of Zelda Winter Solstice (Another Zelda 2 Hack)
« Reply #2 on: Today at 03:51:30 am »
some fair points chillyfeez.

- all new dungeons
- every room changed pretty much from the ground up
- a few new enemy designs but I actually like the games enemies
- every map has been fully changed.
- all new cave designs
- added caves to make them bigger. the game allows from some expansion the west hyrule overworld map specifically
- almost every piece of dialogue is different with a whole new story.
- I've tried to make ever boss fight different from the original game some more successful then others
- all new order to how you get items
- some hacking stuff so far changed
one boss fights ai cahnged
changing how you acquire some spells from the original game
starting at the beginning of palaces after game over
- starting the game with 3 hearts one magic container means more things to collect.
- changing how much xp is given by enemies and made some minor changes to the leveling system.
- moved spells around
- added enemies in palaces

- the last big thing I plan to add is one new map making a total of 5 maps. which would then have 2 new palaces making it a total of 8 palaces plus Great Palace. I have this all laid out but have yet to create it. I don't know how this will effect the pace of the game right now and how much the extra levels from the crystals will make the game easier as this would add an additional two free levels.

Alot of zelda 2 hacks in the past have either been reskins such as playing as error etc and some minor changes. Other zelda 2 hacks have tried to be hard type hacks some done more successfully then others. my aim is to build something like the original game but all new. neither be a reskin or something you potentially have to save state to beat or at least consider save stating to beat.

here's some images
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Re: The Legend of Zelda Winter Solstice (Another Zelda 2 Hack)
« Reply #3 on: Today at 10:53:55 am »
Very cool!  I'm really liking those screenshots.  The snowy effects look nicely drawn.  The forest area could use some work, though.  The trees are just too overbearing - maybe reduce the volume of leaves?  Something else you could try is adding layers into the trees.  It will break up the repeating textures to add more variety to them.  Just an idea!  ;)  Like this mock-up for example:


Overall, just from the few screenshots you've shown, it's easy to tell you put a lot of effort into it.  Pixel art is tough, and making stuff look somewhat decent can be a challenge!  I especially like the screenshots with the spiral peninsula, and the layer of snow on the dungeon entrance.

Also, that cape is quite interesting, ha ha.  It is a unique design for Link, one that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Fits well with the winter theme.  Gotta keep warm, right?  You should show the screenshots using the insert image button.  :)

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Re: The Legend of Zelda Winter Solstice (Another Zelda 2 Hack)
« Reply #4 on: Today at 12:28:36 pm »
Looks pretty good man! I'd take a look at ShadowOne333's hack project for a few ideas on improving your own. Between Rev Edition and Redux, its pretty much become tradition to make health into hearts at this point but there is a whole bunch of fixes for minor issues throughout the game that might interest you and i'm sure many hackers would be happy to help out or allow you to use them.

I gotta agree with IcePenguin here too. Its a small change but it goes along way. IcePenguin is pretty much a veteran of Zelda hacks at this point so i'd take his advice to heart. I feel like a tunic pallette change might tie things up a bit better to differeniate from AoL and suit the environment better. Perhaps white and brown. It might be worth looking at Rev Editions Link sprites, the changes to character sprites and again take a look through ShadowOne333's Redux thread because so much great stuff has been covered there :)

I look forward to the release, it looks really great!