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Author Topic: Translations: Magic Knight Rayearth GG English Language Translation Patch Released  (Read 3684 times)


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Update By: filler

Filler and Supper have completed a fully playable English language translation patch for Mahou Kishi Rayearth a.k.a. Magic Knight Rayearth on the Game Gear. Published by SEGA and released on Dec 16, 1994, Magic Knight Rayearth is a short RPG based on the manga/anime series of the same name. It follows an alternate story-line where Mokona runs off and the three girls have to find them.

The project was originally started in 2004 when Filler dumped and translated some of the script text, and it was recently revived when Supper took the reins about 5 months ago. 11,777 script lines, 200+ kb of C++ code, 2,156 lines of assembly hacks, 60k of additional Japanese script translation, and many many hours later, the project is now ready for the public.

Thanks go out to Cccmar for completing a beta test play-through, 730 for their assistance on the script translation forum, Ded302 for their original efforts at hacking the game, Supper for the super-human hacking and graphics work, and Filler for starting the project and seeing the script translation through to the end. It's worth checking the readme for the full story of the technical work performed on the project. Please enjoy!

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link


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Ah, the trials and tribulations of interface/menu hacking. I know your pain, Supper, but I do enjoy reading about the lengths people go to to hack these games.

Congrats on the release.


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Well done to everyone involved!


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The more old-school turn-based JRPGs the better!
Thanks for your efforts!  :thumbsup:


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The more old-school turn-based JRPGs the better!

That's part of my motto ;)

Thanks again to everyone involved in this undertaking  :thumbsup: