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Author Topic: Final Fantasy IV - Born of a Dragon (0.78 ALPHA) [Difficulty/Gameplay Hack]  (Read 858 times)


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Good afternoon all,

I apologize if this is the wrong forum for sharing this-  if it is, I would appreciate if a moderator could move this or delete it and message me?  Thank you!

My name is Mike and you don't know me, but I know you.  >:D  I'm a long time lurker of multiple hacking boards, a super-amateur streamer who did some gaming experiments a few years ago, but got interested in game hacks and wanted to put together something for FF4.

Enter FF4 - Born of a Dragon, a difficulty and gameplay hack for Final Fantasy II (U) (V1.1).  BoaD is intended to be a very hard to extreme, but fun, challenge hack of FF4.

The current working version of the hack is available here:

With notes/ReadMe available here:

 :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:

The project is not complete, but is mostly playable up until the Moon or thereabouts.  Up until about the Sealed Cave, the game is almost 100% completed.  Please read the ReadMe for details.

I'm finishing up the last parts of the gameplay, THEN going back and fixing the dialogue, so if you run into anyone who simply says, "T" or nothing, ignore it.

Anyways, this is a WIP and any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.   :woot!: