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Author Topic: FFHacksterEx and assembly hacks (4-digit HP, 2-digit MP, NPCs give gold)  (Read 748 times)


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FFHacksterEx is the latest iteration of a project that ties together the editors of FFHackster with some other tools I use to produce patches. Since all of that was in pieces as different programs, I joined them together into one with a unified interface.

Life-related delays have pushed back progress on this, but it's not dead.
With my current schedule, a release will come within 90 days - I can't touch it for the next 3 weeks, but should be able to finish things up on it thereafter.

I'm close to a release, some internal testing revealed quite a bit that had to be addressed.
Here's a video showing some of the features of the editor and a hack developed with FFHEx.

This is the last alpha release for FFHacksterEx. I'll make the editor source available with the final release.
NOTE: This was written for Windows 8+. It does not support XP. I've received reports of main window display problems on Windows 7 that I haven't had time to address. For now, try minimizing and restoring the main window.

I'll likely not be able to work on this for the next 3 weeks. My tentative release window is 60-90 days.
Anyway, for anyone who wants to try it out, here are the files:

The hack shown allows 4-digit HP, 2-digit spell charges, and gold given by NPCs.

The gold items are now printed using the value of the gold item instead of loading a related string. That frees a the 68 gold item entries in the string table for other uses. The revision of the number printing functions also freed up some space.
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