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Is there a site that contains a Breath of Fire hacking community?

If you are looking for one in the same vein as you find Mario platform, Mario Kart, Sonic platform, Chrono Trigger (or did used to be able to find), Fire Emblem, Fire Pro Wrestling, Advance Wars, some Zelda titles, some Final Fantasy efforts or Pokemon then I am not aware of any and I do try to keep on top of these things (mainly as they often take and enhance general use tools and neglect to make the originators aware of the improvements). I did not even really see the hard game hacking set take to it that much ( ) which can sometimes get things to happen.

It is a fairly well documented game and there are some out there that know some things about it

Many of the people doing those also have active accounts here, though having now read the profiles, release notes and such then they probably will not be quite what you are looking for either.

If you were looking for a site like the franchises listed at the start tend to have, the sort of thing where people constantly release small tweaks, poke at the game, maybe refine some tools, there generally being people there which know enough of the game to be able to readily answer fairly complicated questions without having to break out the debugger then no. I can't rule out it happening one day but it tends to be for games considered out and out classics or that are still immensely popular, and indeed some of those (or specific entries within franchises) owe an awful lot to just one person.
This does also mean you can try to do something like that here -- make a thread called breath of fire ROM exploration, ask sensible questions and see what goes.

Back in the 2000s there were many small communities dedicated to certain games, but unfortunately a lot of them died out except for a few stubborn sites like the one Woodus runs for Dragon Quest since the late 90s.

There is also a hardcore one for the Lunar Series, and surprisingly still kickin' (for now).

dragonstear was the Breath of Fire site to go to. unfortunately it is in the past.


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