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Author Topic: [Technical] [NES] Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse (CoA Reboot) Programming  (Read 1329 times)


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Sephirous and  myself are looking for an individual that can lend us a hand in finishing Cadence of Agony Reboot.  Main majority of the work is done for everything that we need to do.  Some programming was done by Optomon however due to other engagements and life stuff we are in need of another programmer that can help us out in finishing this project.

Of what's left is as follows.

-Programming New Bosses, 5 New Bosses (copying and modifying existing bosses into new ones)
-New Weapon Power-Up's For Support Characters (Grant, Sypha and Alucard)
-New Sub Weapons For Support Characters (Grant, Sypha and Alucard)
-New Music Input (about five tracks from either other Castlevania titles or new ones)
-Music Editing and Fixes to Adjusted Levels
-Moving Around Game Levels
-New Lesser Enemies
-Extra Character and Lesser Enemy Programming
-End Game Scenario Fixes (palette and programming)
-Making The Levels Back To Back with no Forks in the Road
-Transition Phase Between Levels (Similar to Castlevania 1, More Details Later)
-Bug Fixes
-Adding 'Secret' Features

These are the main objectives on the plate as of right now.  If you are capable of helping out in these endeavors by volunteering with this project drop me and Sephirous a line here or email us via our profiles.  If  you are still learning assembly and programming please do  not apply as we are looking for individuals that already have experience.

Please keep an open mind that you may be working with other individuals on this project for programming at any given time if someone else can offer work.  We also encourage you to keep notes and back-up copies in case you mess up on a certain point within the game.


To update this thread, nesfan is going to help create the reference music for the new tracks along with music fixes.  Once he is done with making such references he will supply you with whatever you need to insert and edit the music within the ROM :)
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Hey Sinis sad to hear that this project is in need. Really hope somebody did come along. I did some ASM on the snes myself this weekend but I had to get me some help of the SMWC. There are nice people over there. I may know the person for some of it. But it really seems like to much work for anybody I know. Will see what I can do.

Wish you a nice day and thanks for your dedication for this CV projects. I hope it pays off for you. I really like your work
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I posted this up on behalf of Sephirous.  Sadly we have not gotten anyone's help for this project.  We are in need of programming and ASM work.  Main majority of the work is done along with the boss sprites except for two in which I plan on working on later this week to finish that up.  I've asked around but got no interest from individuals so its going to be a long wait :)
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