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NES games with the most ridiculous story?

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They say things tend to come in threes. I thought of another question about NES games that I don't often hear spoken about.

Lots of NES games basically threw up their arms and said "This processor/gpu/spu combo is still not sufficient to tell any kind of story" and rightly so; it is a little underpowered for things like that. NES carts could not hold a terrible whole lot of text when packed up with graphics files, instructions, control algorithms, and patches which repaired problems encountered during debugging. Voice files which could sound clear enough to be dialogue in the game just wouldn't fit, and the voice clips that do appear in NES games are gimmicks at best and buzzsaw-sounding waking nightmares at worst.

So NES games tended to tell you a silly story in the manual and just be games, which speech-fests like FFXIII and its ilk make me strangely miss, as dumb as it is.

So let's revel in absurdity a moment, for old time's sake.

I'll go with the Occam's Razor approach and say that an Italian-American Plumber from Brooklyn finding a magic realm inside of a sewer pipe (or whatever) is some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life, and I even knew it was dumb when I was 5 and first read it. :) But I didn't care then, and I don't care now. Dumb is ok. At least I can just get to the bloody game by pressing start and waiting a moment while I'm told what world I'm in and how many Marios I have left.

Monster Party, Blaster Master.


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YES YES YES! :D Seriously, a boy's pet frog grows super size and jumps into a hole in the ground, so the boy jumps after him and ends up in another world with a tank? :o

Even better is that the boy and his radioactive frog were made up completely for the Western release and the original version had a completely different plot.

I think the Japanese version didn't even have an opening cutscene (it just sat forever at the title screen until you press Start), so I assume whatever story the game had was relegated to the manual.


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