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Author Topic: Copying a portion of a game into another game it`s possible?And change palletes?  (Read 755 times)


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Hi folks!!!

Not really a portion of a game itself... but , let`s say an opening...

If we do know the start and end of the openning , of ...let`s see... Nba Jam (Genesis) openning in Hex Code , and copy that to another Genesis game it will work or the lack of pointers to that will just do that game broke?

Now the pallete question...

Because I just`ve entered in wonderful world of the graphics editing, and I`m on a Fifa 18 project for Genesis and just copied tiles from a game named Super Soccer (Super Nes) , like letters and a player celebrating a goal and it fit well on the screen , but the previous pallete didn`t changed :( 
So the letters on Super Nes was 4 or more colors (gradient) in this openning get only red color (like before) and the player celebration only get blue/white ... So I can change this 2 scenes palletes?

If you could see this vid below , it answers by itself!! The original rom was Fifa 95, It was changed for Fifa 2003 by fellow argentinian friends, now I want to do Fifa 18 Russia World Cup.

Remembering... it`s only my first steps on this...  ::)


Ps: We are searching for someone who know how to decompress graphics of Super Monaco GP , change drivers images and reinsert in the game, we have no money for this , but you`ll have your name forever in history!!! The game will be 30 years old in 2020!!!

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Just to clarify my question...

This beginimg in the game as you can see in the vid, don`t exist in the original Fifa 95

So it could`ve been taken rom another game...

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Super Monaco GP... It garnered an at-the-time unprecedented 10–10–9–9 rating from Electronic Gaming Monthly's Review and wasn`t a F Indy title.