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Author Topic: How should I get started in making a hack for a tactics game and what game?  (Read 640 times)


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I am new to the world of ROM hacking, so I am asking a question that is probably a silly question, but I would like to know what I should use to make a hack of a tactics game like Fire Emblem(preferably on the SNES or the GBA)? I like the tactic games and would like to make something fun like a My Hero Academia tactics RPG. I also considered doing something like a Pokemon hack, something that would prob not be a Pokemon game, or maybe so, idk.
Thanks for the help ;)


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Most people come here with a game already in mind but that is OK.

There are many games with a lot already known about them. If you are coming in new and don't necessarily fancy learning hardware and the coding aspects of things then you will probably want to look at the premade tools, though it will limit your options both for making the mod and choosing a game. Making a whole new game in another game has been done, the concept tending to be called total conversion around here, but it is one of the harder things to do and not something many would launch into if they are new to it all.

Games that are well known

In addition to whatever you might find for the various games on the , and sections on this site.

Fire Emblem seems to have really blown up of late (no idea why but OK) and it has enjoyed a fairly extensive hacking scene for years, apparently even big enough to enjoy some inter-site drama from time to time.

Final Fantasy Tactics is not as well known as it was in the PS1 circles but there are people doing very good things with it.

I don't know if you are counting advance wars as a tactics game but has lots on it.

A pity from where I sit is that other than advance wars I tend to find the Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy tactics offerings among the weaker tactics games on a given system.

You might also like

Pokemon games are among the most well documented too. is a fairly good place to start there.

If you are wanting to make a whole new game then for most other game types there are engines, extensively moddable and open source games on the PC we would instead point you at, not sure what you have for tactics type games though. On the other hand it might still be easier to learn to code your own on the PC.

I should also say companies of late have been somewhat touchy about people using their IP to make their own fan games, especially when they are actively making games in the franchise as they appear to be for the title you mention.