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Author Topic: Salt & Sanctuary Hard/Weapon Balance Mod Update with mod tools & uncompiled exe  (Read 3659 times)


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Welp, for the longest time we salt and sanctuary fans have all been complaining about how unbalanced the weapons are. Along with how FUCKING overpowered the witch is (getting one shotted over and over is just not fun). And since the creators of this game have made it clear how little interest they have in fixing obvious issues (as can be seen by this twitter post. Seriously what a crock: I decided to do it my self! :)

At the bottom you will find a link to a zip file with several files in it. All for modding the S&S game. I took the time to gather these all up and put them in one place for everyone's ease of use. I have done my best to note what each file/folder does in detail below:

Monsters.zox: has tweaks to monsters to make them harder. This was done originally by Acolyterush. I just updated it to work on Just copy this file into the salt and sanctuary/monsters/data folder and replace the one there. A link to his vid about it can be found here:

The only changes I made to his version were ones inspired by PaxEmpyrean on reddit who made another weapon balance mod (though his made the game too easy for me). And are as follows:
  • Bound Arrox: have more HP and poise. Now also drop twisted hearts and the drop rates on enduring skulls have been increased. They are much harder to kill now and thus also give a lot more salt (2000).
  • Armor Guardian: can now drop gray pearls
  • Saltfin: can now drop drowned tomes and gray pearls. They also give 1000 salt now instead of 500.
  • Crypt keeper: can now drop gray pearls too.
  • The unskinned: his slash defense was lowered to 0. For some reason Acolyterush made this 500 which may have been a mistake.
  • Thing of Arms: increased his poise a bit.

Loot.zox: has all the weapon balances and tweaks. Some spells and armors were tweaked too. Also done originally by Acolyterush. I just updated this file to work on Just copy this file into the salt and sanctuary/monsters/data folder and replace the one there.

Lakewitch.zsx: done by me. Tweaks the witches arcane barrage to have a slightly longer charge up time. No other moves were changed. I eventually intend to make more tweaks to her so that 4 out of 5 of her attacks don't one shot you instantly. But for now, this helps at least a little. Copy this to the salt and sanctuary/character/data file. I used a hex editor and just looked for the animation names to do this, followed by editing the animation timings.

DNSPY folder: you can use this to edit the S&S exe file. Just copy the folder and then run the dnspy.exe file and use it to open salt.exe. You can click on the individual c scripts, then right clock on the code and go to edit method. Make your changes, hit compile, and then go to file/save module to write the new EXE. This lets you change literally almost anything in the game's code. Note: I did not make this app.

S&S Code folder: the actual code for the Exe decompiled. At the moment I do NOT know how to recompile it in visual studio as it gives over 300 errors. Which is why I use Dnspy above. But I'm sure there is a simple way to do it that I am missing. IF ANYONE HAS INFO ON HOW TO DO THIS, FEEL FREE TO REPLY WITH IT IN DETAIL. lets you edit save files (found under your salt and sanctuary/savedata folder).  Excellent tool to use to test changes in game when modding since you can go to ANY sanctuary with it to test bosses/enemies. This app was made by inner_fears on reddit.

Salt and Sanctuary Editor.Zip: this will unpack the files for monsters, loot, dialog, strings and the skilltree. Along with textures. With this you can edit enemy stats, equipment/consumable/weapon stats and even dialogue and the items for sale in shops. Along with replacing textures. This was made by Nyahahaha/Yasuo on reddit


If this file was decompiled, adding new weapons with all new textures would be a simple feat.

I believe that covers everything in the zip. Please note that in case this post gets deleted from one location or another and in the hopes of creating more of a mod community for this amazing game, this post is being put up in 4 places:
The steam forums for Salt and Sanctuary

Link to the file:

Also, please note that while I am very, VERY displeased with the lack of updates/tweaks to this game by the creators, that doesn't change the fact that I still think they have made an amazing game here. :) They clearly put a lot of love into this thing and do deserve credit for their hard work.

To that end, I hope that the community being able to mod it will not only extend the game's life. But also encourage others out there to go purchase it on steam. So that hopefully one day we will see a sequel!

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Future plans:

*Making unique classes: the current ones are basically just a few pieces of equipment and that's it. Within 2-4 hours of starting the game your starting class just doesn't matter. I have already found multiple ways to make the classes a lot more unique including via limiting weapon sets, armor, etc. A lot of this has to do with the skill tree and making it more like one from a game like FFX.

*Adding more new stuff to new game pluses: yup. At the moment there is just nothing new in the new game plus modes. That sucks.

*Tweaking enemies: no one likes getting one shot by enemies. Nor is it fun to have to keep healing so much constantly. It just makes the game way easier. There needs to be a balance here.

*More equipment tweaks: heavy armor currently sucks. And shields are too overpowered. Other stuff like some spells just feel underwhelming. While stuff like the blood flasks from the betrayer creed are way overpowered.

*Changes to the weapon upgrades & transmuting process: goes with the whole "having more new stuff to see in new game+" issue.

*Changes to creed leveling up

*Setting gold loss max possible at death to 10K

*Reducing the effectiveness of healing items: so you can't just tank thru the game taking hits non stop. It really is absurd how many full healing potions you can carry at once (well over 10). That's not even counting the 99 red vials you can easily get.

*Making gold more useful vs it just being something you save for no reason.

*Many more small tweaks.

Things needed to make the game more moddable:
  • Someone who can decompile the master.zcm file under the texturesheet/data folder: if this was done, we could add all new skins for new equipment easily. The format seems pretty basic. Someone with knowledge on this subject could probably easily do it.
  • Decompiling fortress.zax: found under the map/data folder. If this was done, we could then go in and edit stuff about the map. Will probably need an editor of some kind for it. Far beyond my ability to make sadly.
  • Decompiling enemy files: these seem to have animation data. Including one for the player. Again, they seem very basic. Anyone with decompiling experience could probably easily make a tool. But I'm just not good enough to do this. These may also have damage multipliers for some things. I'm not 100% sure yet if they are all in the exe.


Other than that, there shouldn't be anything else major needed to make this game all but 100% moddable. We can already edit sounds easily. Current ones for the game can be loaded via audacity using import raw. And wav files can be converted via a tool to xnb format. So unless someone wants to just add more sounds to the game (which would probably require yet another file being decompiled: sfx.zxp).

Music files can be listed to via windows media player.
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Really? In this whole place, no one knows how to help with the things I asked about above.... with all the talented geniuses we have in here?

Come on peoples.... step up.  8) Let's make this happen together.
Esco.... the original Nuyorican Latin Lover! And creator of the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night engine!

My Patreon page for the Castlevania: SOTN HACKED Engine: