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Author Topic: Turning Super Castlevania IV Into An Interactive Music Video - Super Fresh CV  (Read 1841 times)


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Thanks to MSU1 technology, this hack combines parts of Super Castlevania IV with excerpts of Perfect Selection Dracula - the weird Castlevania Hip Hop album released in the same year.

The lyrics tell the story as you move through the game, and even Dracula himself spits verse at the end.

Since there's not enough Perfect Selection Dracula to fill the game, Super Castlevania IV has been shortened to only feature the best excerpts from that album played over two short stages and the final battle. 

The sound has been edited and remixed to seamlessly loop and transition from screen to screen no matter how long you spend in each area.

Kick back, push start, and get fresh with Super Fresh Castlevania.

Download: -- link removed since it contains copyrighted material --

YouTube Playthrough:

Shout-outs to Kurrono and Conn for their MSU1 Castlevania IV hack, Redguy for SC4Ed, and Kawa for wav2msu.
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That was amazing! But now I want this for Killer Instinct too xD


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Why do I not own this cassette tape?? This is the greatest music I have ever heard.