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Author Topic: Mega Drive - Changing Palette Set (Nametables)  (Read 404 times)


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Mega Drive - Changing Palette Set (Nametables)
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:58:06 pm »
So for the Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine I'm working on, I want to change the garbage bean's palette it uses from 2 to 0.

What's interesting is the beans start off at sprites, and then are store in the Plane A. I was able to find the sprite data for the garbage beans: 050242F8 replace with 050202F8

Now I'm having trouble finding the nametable data when the beans become Plane A tiles.  I do know for some of the 8 x 16 letters it loads, it uses this formate (this loads SCORE):
CA20 = Area to load tiles.
C500 = First part of the tile ID (C5 = Pal 2 | A5 = Pal 1 | 85 = Pal 0)
3A1A32381E = Second part of the tile ID (S C O R E - Possible to make as short / long as you want)
FF = End of tiles to load.

The format for the bean data seems to be different. The data for the garbage bean is C32C, C32D, C32E, C32F (which needs to be changed to 832C, 832D, 832E, 832F).  I can't seem to find much data in the rom and stumped what I could trace.  Any advise would be great.