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Author Topic: Game Genie Codes Thread - Super Mario Bros. NES (Helpful For ROM Hacking)  (Read 1624 times)


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Hi! So I have been messing around with Game Genie on the FCEUX Emulator with Super Mario Bros. NES!
Game Genie only has 3 Lines of Codes you can input and only 8 Letters per Line and the only letters you can use are "A E P O Z X L U G K I S T V Y N"
I tried thinking of random words to use that only use 8 letters or less but most of the codes I made either crashed the game! XD
So I found this website and I put in the letters A E P O Z X L U G K I S T V Y N and it found every word with those letters! Im sure somebody can find a better website but I wanted to find an "ok" site quickly.
Anyways I used the words it came up with and created this code called "VIOLATES EXPLOI VOLTAG" and it removes all the items in the game such as Mushrooms, 1 UPS, Stars and Fire Flowers.
I know some of you might be thinking "So?!! Its just a stupid code!" but this code could be useful for some ROM Hacks since you can inject Game Genie codes into the ROM's code.
I made this thread so people can post their Game Genie codes they've found/made and this thread will be good for some ROM Hackers who are looking for some cool features to add to their ROM Hacks or these codes can just be plain silly, like maybe you'll find a code where Mario can fly though the air and shoot Goomba's out of his butt!
Anyways, hope this thread can be helpful for the RHDN Community!



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I know another site with Game Genie for SMB:
Some of this codes is also helpful. ;)