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Author Topic: SRL and NDS ROM formats  (Read 1161 times)


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SRL and NDS ROM formats
« on: January 05, 2018, 07:14:11 pm »
I know that official SDKs and enterprises develop DS games as SRL format, which is (more or less) like a NDS ROM, but the main problem is that they both have file systems, but in a different way.
Common editors like EFE or MKDSCM can access NDS ROMs' fs, but I have no idea even if there are any tools or people which can or managed to access SRL ROM's fs.

Anyone knows something about this?

Also, I must comment that both ROM types are generally supported by emulators (official SRLs work on Desmume and on R4 cartridges, after renaming extension to NDS, and also people say that they work on NO$GBA)

Also, I can test on SRLs  (because I have a few SRLs), but for the moment I've just tried to losd them on R4 renaming their extension, and they worked correctly.


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Re: SRL and NDS ROM formats
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 04:17:29 am »
What's EFE? Was that the one started for the 3ds?
Also why MKDS course modifier? I know it got a bit more generic (others reading MKDS= mario kart DS) as time went on but seems like an odd choice.

Anyway I normally don't bother with such files -- they are either a left over debug or download play code. Only reason for most to really look into those is for asset ripping or maybe for a simplified version of the main game in question (many devs make a cut down version of the main game code which can be simpler to pull apart the formats of, though some created something quite different to the base game in both play and file types used). If I am doing such an exploration crystaltile2 usually handled it well enough. I have never really properly gone through the code but did notice quite a few such games set their file size value in the header to somewhere in the gigabits/thousand megabit range which is clearly not the case.
That said DSiware apparently uses the format so I might have to look into what goes there now the DSi has started to be explored.
I guess there is also the new way of loading download play games so you don't have to worry about everybody having flashme* like you would have before.

*again for others reading the DS has a means to take a program, store it in RAM and run it from there. Said files are RSA signed and we don't have signing keys. Prior to a mod only a few months back ( ) the only sane way to run them over the download play protocol was to have a modified firmware on the device called flashme and that fell out of fashion when DS slot flash carts got big, also as said carts were everywhere and usually pretty cheap then any modded multiplayer happened at main game level.