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Author Topic: Normalizing Unit Types From Power DoLLS (3)  (Read 70 times)


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Normalizing Unit Types From Power DoLLS (3)
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:28:23 pm »
Howdy. :)

I'm looking for advice on two particular collisions of translations for unit/forces types in Power DoLLS 3. Additionally, I will list all unit types here for the sake of my future normalization efforts. I welcome feedback on the translations, but for now I'm wondering about two instances in particular.

The first is:

偵察部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)/Scout Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)/Infiltration Unit(s)

I've translated both of these as "reconnaissance", the first because it's a definition in JDICT, and the second after finding that "潜入工作" is a part of "潜入工作員" which is a spy ( and reconnaissance is a synonym for espionage which is a synonym for spying. (

I'm currently thinking of this:

偵察部隊 Scout Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)

Or this:

偵察部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Infiltration Unit(s)

Thoughts? Other ideas?

The second is:

強襲降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))
強行降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))

I found these two similar terms that I translated identically. 強襲 has a definition of "assault" in JDICT, while "強行" is enforcement. It's also defined as force/enforce/enforced.

I probably just need to do some more research on the second term, but I appreciate any help/input.

Here is the list of units/forces with my current translation. Alternate translations are separated by /, and a possibly more normalized version is included in ().


偵察部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)/Scout Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Infiltration Unit(s)/Reconnaissance Unit(s)
戦車部隊 Tank Unit(s)
先行突入部隊 Lead Storm Unit(s)
後方支援部隊 Logistical Support Unit(s)
強襲降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))
強行降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))
降下部隊 Paratroops (paratrooper unit(s))
爆撃部隊 Bombing Unit(s)
航空部隊 Aviation Unit(s)
陽動部隊 Diversionary Unit(s)
救出部隊 Recovery Unit(s)
機械化車両部隊 Mechanized Vehicle Unit(s)
支援砲部隊 Support Artillery Unit(s)
支援砲撃部隊 Support Artillery Attack Unit(s)
特科部隊 Artillery Unit(s)
空挺部隊 Airborne Troops (airborne unit(s))
砲撃部隊 Bombardment Unit(s)

味方部隊 Allies/Ally Unit(s)
敵部隊 Enemy Forces/Enemy Units
増援部隊 Reinforcement Units/Reinforcements
守備部隊 Defending Unit(s)/Unit(s) Defending
DoLLS部隊 /DoLLS Unit(s)


Examples of usage:
1. 第1支援砲撃部隊 Sugar Cane
 1st support artillery attack unit Sugar Cane

2. フェンリル川支流で侵攻ルート確
The 88th armored infantry corps, assigned the
job of securing the invasion route at the Fenrir
river branch are currently pinned down by an
enemy artillery unit's suppressive fire.
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Re: Normalizing Unit Types From Power DoLLS (3)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2018, 11:55:20 pm »
For the first pair, I'd go with:

偵察部隊 Recon Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Espionage Unit(s)

Reconnaissance is a general term for information gathering, while espionage is more specific and implies some degree of infiltration.

For the second pair:

強襲降下部隊 Assault Paratroops
強行降下部隊 Shock Paratroops

I couldn't find many examples of 強行 used in a military context, but it seems similar to 突撃, so I'd go with "Shock Paratroops."
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