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Author Topic: Attempting to add voices in Yugioh GX Tag Force 3  (Read 557 times)


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Attempting to add voices in Yugioh GX Tag Force 3
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:41:14 pm »
Hi! As the title says I'm trying to add voices to the game Yugioh GX Tag Force 3.
I do apologize in advance for my incompetence as for the time of writing I only know how to use UMDGen at the moment but I am willing to learn something new that would help me progress through this tiny "project" of mine.

Well as for progress, I've not progressed a lot sadly. My first attempt was to replace what I assume to be is the sound files of the game which is named "psp_snddat.bin" in the snd folder.
But when I start the game, it crashes at the title screen.

So now I'm doing it the other way around by using the Japanese version as a base and transferring the the english text from the EU version.
So far I've got some things to work. I have replaced the tutorial text (outside duels) and the card pictures to display english instead. (Thanks to the thread I found on gamefaqs which was doing the same thing as I am but sadly dropped it)

Here are some pics:

I'm assuming the reason it's crashing because obviously the program is getting confused since I'm replacing files. Since I'm a novice at programming I'm just not sure at what to do.
Does anyone know where do I go from here?  :(