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Author Topic: Translations: Super Famicom Wars Translation Released  (Read 5128 times)


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Re: Translations: Super Famicom Wars Translation Released
« Reply #20 on: January 08, 2018, 05:06:55 pm »
ive sunk at least 2 dozen hours in this translation since it came out around christmas. This is a great translation, the help section is great. I have played this on several different versions of snes9x and not had any emulation/gameplay issues. At work i play it on my phone and on windows and at home i play it on my snes classic using the default emulator. I have not had any text or graphical glitches at all. This game is awesome. You can just dive right in and play the maps in whatever order you want. This instantly became one of my favorites. I'm curious to see whats in store for the 20th av version coming up in a few months.

Great to hear!

Don't get your hopes up too high for the Anniversary Edition, though..! We'll have our second kid the month before (who may or may not get a map named after her/him, like our son did! ;) ). But apart from that I haven't really gotten any bugs reported, so it will probably only contain a couple of graphical touch-ups and hopefully some customization tools and/or additional patches with PvP map balancing. We'll see!