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Author Topic: Translations: War of the Dead (PCE) translation patch... happy 30th anniversary!  (Read 7396 times)


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It works fine on RetroArch/Mednafen.

As it was also playtested on a real PCE and worked fine, I see no point in checking why some old and unsupported emulator doesn't work correctly with this patch, sorry. Especially since MagicEngine has no debugger and thus finding the problem would be a guessing game.


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Hmmm, I'll update the description to mention that fact, just in case. I think we mentioned it in the readme, but that may not be enough.


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Yeah, I checked the readme to make sure I hadn't missed it.  You might be thinking of X-SERD, which just plain doesn't work in MagicEngine IIRC.


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Anyone know if the translation works with Ootake? That's always been my PCE/PCE-CD emulator of choice, and October seems like a great time for a horror game.