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Monster Hunter World
« on: February 11, 2018, 10:38:00 pm »
I don't know if many of you have been playing this iteration, but as per usual with MH I've basically been addicted for the last few weeks.  I personally feel its easily the best one thus far, and the quality of life improvements alone are enough to make me recommend it to anyone who hasn't played MH before. Game systems are so much more interesting to use, and although armor sets are now generally useless (skill-wise, mixing and matching seems to be the way to go) the skill overhaul has been pretty great IMO.This entry even has a somewhat developed plot, which isn't terrible at all really--I actually liked that there felt like more of a purpose to smashing monsters in the head with my hammer than most past titles had. The game maps are really amazing too, even if i's clear much more work went into the Ancient forest than the others--they're tons bigger than past maps, and actually have a lot to do other than just fight giant monsters too.

However, a lot of the stuff they rightfully fixed have made most of the game quite a bit easier, partly because certain things (like garbage hitboxes) kind of created artificial difficulty in old titles. Compounding these fixes is the moveset recycling (again, like most MH entries do--I'm not sure Rathalos' moveset has changed much at all since MH1) that makes vets of previous games pretty well prepared for most every monster in the game with only a few exceptions.  However, even though low and high rank monsters are relatively straightforward, tempered monsters provide a bit more of a challenge (I would submit HR30+ tempered monsters, and especially tempered elders, are basically an informal G-Rank in MHW).'s a thread to talk about the game if you like! I'm well past the main campaign and still enjoying myself!