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Author Topic: [Technical][PS2] ASM Hacking the font in Itadaki Street Special for better space  (Read 758 times)


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So I released my translation for Itadaki Street Special

The thing is, as "complete" as it is, I had to deal with space limitations as the existing font just isn't really optimized for English text. I had posted a thread in the Programming section regarding some notes left by DQ Translations. And thanks to another member, krat0s' help, I was able to do some ASM hacking with the main menu text.  learned that pretty much all the main menu text looked like this

Code: [Select]
addiu v0, zero, $0014 # 001ec898:24020012 v0=$00000014
sd v0, $0000(sp) # 001ec89c:ffa20000
daddu a0, s1, zero # 001ec8a0:0220202d
sd v0, $0008(sp) # 001ec8a4:ffa20008
daddu a1, s0, zero # 001ec8a8:0200282d
addiu a2, zero, $0041 # 001ec8ac:24060041 a2=$00000041
addiu a3, zero, $ffff # 001ec8b0:2407ffff a3=$ffffffff
sd v1, $0010(sp) # 001ec8b4:ffa30010
addiu t0, zero, $0026 # 001ec8b8:24080026 t0=$00000026
addiu t1, zero, $016a # 001ec8bc:2409016a t1=$0000016a
addiu t2, zero, $0200 # 001ec8c0:240a0200 t2=$00000200
jal $001e6410 # 001ec8c4:0c079904
addiu t3, zero, $01c0 # 001ec8c8:240b01c0 t3=$000001c0

The thing is, I'd love to be able to do this to various other text printing instances

These screens show what kind of problems I have right now. I figure there's probably some code similar to, but different from the code above regarding text sizing and spacing. I'd LOVE to be able to get character names above 5 letters, sphere names above 8 letters, and better spaced text for everything else. But despite my best efforts, I'm just completely out of my element here, and really need someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks.