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Author Topic: [Technical][NGC] Baten Kaitos Origins fixing some aesthetics  (Read 1080 times)


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[Technical][NGC] Baten Kaitos Origins fixing some aesthetics
« on: August 10, 2017, 06:45:24 am »
I'm working on a German translation for Baten Kaitos Origins quite a while now. While the menu texts are almost done I realized, that the first Baten Kaitos has a smaller font in the menu allowing more text per row or prevent overlapping with the Boxes.

Baten Kaitos Origins

Baten Kaitos

The first Baiten Kaitos uses a smaller version of the font in the menu which looks nicer and cleaner. Since the Text "Aktives Deck" and the Text beneath "Resistenz" use a smaller font there should be a way to change the text size or font. The dumps via dolphin showed that there is only one font graphic so I'm guessing the game can change the size or the smaller font isn't in the dump. Sadly I'm not so familiar with GC-Isos, so this gives me a lot of trouble.

There is also a freeze on the disc change due to the translation but for now I have now clue why it's happening.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help me out.


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Re: [Technical][NGC] Baten Kaitos Origins fixing some aesthetics
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2017, 05:02:58 pm »
I'm making the spanish translation and there's no problem with disc 2, using the same files from disc 1.
The hard work can be the graphics edits, I have no idea.