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Author Topic: Translations: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Skull Leader Complete Pack translation is released!  (Read 2247 times)


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Update By: celcion

We present to you our first translation patch in 2017!

This time it's Macross: Skull Leader Complete Pack for PC-98. This game is one of the best examples of a VN mixed with a strategy game, and it's based on a popular in Japan mecha series called Macross (known in the west as Robotech, with quite a few modifications). This game in particular covers the movie "Do You Remember Love?", but it also takes some stuff from the anime series. It also contains some plot elements/characters of its own.

We settled on translating the Complete Pack, because it is a compilation of both the Skull Leader and Love Stories, and as such it is, well, the most complete version of the game, with two lengthy campaigns.

So, we hope you enjoy this little PC-98 gem!

RHDN Project Page

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Holy @#$%. This is amazing. Thank you so much!  ;D 


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Congratulations, guys! :thumbsup:


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Many many thanks, is a wonderful game!A blessing to all who love Macross. Congratulations!