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Author Topic: Need help on several things for my Final Fight One Revival GBA hack  (Read 696 times)


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Hi everyone,

I just released a hack for the Japanese version of Final Fight One for the Game Boy Advance entitled “Final Fight One Revival” that changes and fixes several things that it makes it behave more like its arcade and SNES counterparts.

You can check it out here:

There’s several things that I need for my hack to finish it, but I don’t have the skills to do them.

I want to change all the Japanese text in this game to English, but I want to keep the original Japanese script intact.

I also want to change all the colors in this game to make it look more like its arcade counterpart as well. Same thing with Alpha Cody and Alpha Guy, I also want to give them their arcade colors as well.

I also want to get rid of Rolento’s squished looking arcade sprites and replace them with his sprites from Final Fight 2 for the SNES as well.

This way he’ll blend in the game better with the rest of the SNES sprites they used for all the characters.

Here’s what his FF2 sprites look like:

That’s why I’m looking for someone that’s really good on editing sprites in a GBA ROM to replace his current sprites with his FF2 sprites.

I also want to replace both the hand grenade and the explosion sprites with the ones from FF2 as well.

You’ll have to make new sprites for when he’s climbing up the ladder to match his FF2 sprites.

You'll also have to get his FF2 sprites to work right with his GBA color palettes they used for this game as well, here's is a example:

Here's a image from Final Fight 2 that shows the height of Rolento's FF2 SNES sprite compare to Mike Haggar's FF2 SNES sprite, so you'll know how tall he is:

Here's a video to show you what the heights are for the FF2 sprites of Rolento, the grenade and the explosion effect to help you:

If someone can help me on these, that’ll be great.
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