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Author Topic: Nekketsu Hockey hardcore hack help  (Read 1044 times)


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Nekketsu Hockey hardcore hack help
« on: March 19, 2017, 11:39:10 am »
This hack have 17 teams instead of 11.
The help I need is for a graphic bug.
Here is the hack:

Enter VS [2P] and chose the first team for player 2.
This is the error

The hockey puck and the player face in pain (when it gets hit on the ground) have another graphics
this is the first page in tile layer pro

as you can see those 2 faces appear instead of the hockey puck and the face in pain
this is the image for team 2

here instead of the 2 faces there are the normal images, that leads us to the answer the first team have this error because is the only team with 7 players instead of 5 and the game creator was to lazy to create some more tiles so it just replaced those because the first team would not be chosed bu player 2 (in campain)
this means the puck and face in pain will have the second team pointers so as I saw in the PPU debugger their pointers are FA FB and FC FD, luckily I found the hex address for the hockey puck, is DE00, but the problem is there are no more space to add new graphics

The only solution I see is make the graphics switch with other pages in the game, I think this thing is called a graphic table switch.

Anyone that wanna help do not hesitate to comment here.