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Author Topic: How to import the translated PC version of Grandia 2 into the Dreamcast  (Read 23 times)


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Hello everybody,

We decided with "fafadou" to import the translation of Grandia 2 PC on the Dreamcast version!

We have two problems:
1 - Accented texts are not recognized ..

2 - On NullDC it works, but on Dreamcast would be according to some of the "pointer".

I made a test by taking the file D000.AFS Original DC, and replace "Skies" by "Whiskey" >> KO we have a black screen: -?

If I replace "Skies" by "Julie", it's the same number of letter it works on NullDC and the Dreamcast :)

In parallel we asked the question on "AssemblerGames", it is also here that we were advised to ask you  :)

Thank you in advance for your help :-D