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Author Topic: MGG: Manic Game Girl - Translation Project - Korean translators needed  (Read 389 times)


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My name is Diego and I come from Videogame Preservation Collective group. This last year i pushed hard to add to Redump a clean documented backup for Manic Game Girl (Sony Playstation 1, South Korea exclusive).

I came here because @davidkang motivated me to research deeper and ask around. I've contacted a couple of romhackers from my country (Mr. Nobody, he recently released the spanish translation for Mizzurna Falls) and Gadesx, to see if something could be done about this game. I don't want to bother too much, but I thought it could be a good chance to take a look at this project in case it was possible to push it further. If not, I don't want to molest too much.

If i'm asking seriously is because Mr. Nobody has stated me that he really wants to push this project and he thinks he's able to romhack deeper enough to complete the project... But for the moment, the main problem is finding koreans translators around, which I tried finding in Fan Translators Int. discord, no luck for the moment but maybe Im not asking in the right place.

@gadesx told me a few of his thoughts when he checked the game, it seems that there's 4000+ Tims inside a file, only requires use scan raw with Tim viewer. Mr Nobody showed me he managed to insert characters and told me the game already has a font, so is not neccesary to insert one.


(Yeah, guess he was just joking, don't ask me about xd)