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Author Topic: Pokémon FireRed obtain both Fossils  (Read 277 times)


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Pokémon FireRed obtain both Fossils
« on: February 15, 2021, 03:52:13 am »
Hello Everybody,

I’m quite new to the scene (since 2 weeks) I’m working on a German Fire Red Hack where you can get all Pokémon without the need to trade for evolutions...

- I edited the requirements for Trade Evolutions in hex, that worked
- I used Advanced Map for changing spawn locations of the LeafGreen-only Pokémon’s
- Now i’m Stuck at the point where  I obtain the fossils in Rock Tunnel. I want to know what I need to do, to get both fossils. Maybe it would be enough to prevent the scientist from taking the second fossil ? Is there a way to do so ?

Thanks in advance ;)