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Author Topic: Pokemon Crystal Romhack Questions  (Read 1247 times)


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Pokemon Crystal Romhack Questions
« on: May 20, 2016, 05:24:34 am »

I am working on a romhack of Pokemon Crystal and I have encountered a couple of roadblocks that I need help with. I have GbAsmEdit, PKSV, and TranslHextion to work with. There is a Crystal Disassembly available, but I have only recently become aware of it. Since I am almost done, starting from scratch with the Disassembly just for a couple of things seems like a massive waste of time.

Anyway, my problems:

1) I am wanting to change the title screen music. Luckily, I don't need to create my own as there are a few unused music tracks within the rom file, and one of them is perfect for what I want. I know the ID for that track, but I can't find the offset that corresponds with the title screen music. Can someone advise where I need to look for this?

2) My other problem is incorporating the GS Ball into the game.

Ideally I would like to change the giveitem script for the Sprout Sage, so he gives you the GS Ball instead of HM05. The problem is all of the item lists I find for crystal don't include the GS ball, so I wouldn't know what to change that to. Also, I think I would need to add in extra code for the GS ball to be recognised (the gameshark method requires two codes. One to put the GS ball in your inventory and the other to validate it).

The alternative is to enable to event the normal way (a woman gives you the ball in Goldenrod). The only problem is I don't know how to activate that. TCRF advises the following method which involves altering a save file:
"The GS Ball event got reprogrammed and adapted to the regular Pokémon Center in the localizations. This event can be activated by setting the byte at 0xBE3C in an English save file to 0x0B."
This method does not seem to work for me, so I can't use that to determine a way to incorporate that into the actual ROM itself [rather than the save].

If anyone can help me with these issues I would be eternally grateful. As soon as I get these done, I'm more or less done.