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Author Topic: Translations: Battle Golfer Yui English Language Translation Patch v0.9 Public Beta Released  (Read 4011 times)


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Update By: filler

Now that the dust has settled after the Christmas holiday some folks celebrate, an English language translation patch has arrived to ring in the new year! Announcing the v0.9 public beta English language translation patch for Battle Golfer Yui on the Sega Mega Drive.

Battle Golfer Yui is an Adventure/RPG/Golf game hybrid about an evil organization making cyborg "battle golfers" in order to take over the world. Their latest targets are high school buddies Yui Mizuhara and Ran Ryuzaki. As the main character Yui, you must pit your golf skills against members "Hazzard" to discover what's happened to your friend Ran.

This public beta translates the game's text and graphics to English, fixes some bugs, and adds a splash screen. The modified game has been played to completion, but a closed beta was not conducted, and there may be bugs or issues with the J-E translation. Please report any issues you encounter. A 1.0 release is planned, with any issues fixed, or simply a rename of this patch if none are found.

Special thanks to Supper for the extensive and timely graphics & hacking work, Guest for the initial tools, MariusB for the thread about Genesis translations, mz and Paul Jensen for translation support via the message board, and everyone who plays the beta and provides feedback. Enjoy the patch, and have a happy new year!

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Just when you thought you've heard it all from a video game plot, you get Cyborg Golfers.  Talk about a premise that grabs you. XD

It's a pretty nice looking release.  I'm one of those losers who likes golf games so I'll be giving this a go.


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Is that a golf course shaped like a person? "Adventure/RPG/Golf game hybrid" is reason enough for me to try this.
Mauron wuz here.


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Nice work!  :beer:


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I'm glad to see the translation of this game!
Battle Golfer Yui seems pretty interesting and original, according to GameCenter CX episode #81.


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Kitaro does not have his own eyeball as his father.  His missing eye and the fact that his father is an eyeball are actually unrelated.

You can check the Kitaro wiki's entries for Kitaro and his father.