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Author Topic: (PS1)Bypass extremly long Cutscene(Already Dummied .STR)  (Read 660 times)


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(PS1)Bypass extremly long Cutscene(Already Dummied .STR)
« on: April 15, 2016, 10:03:01 pm »
Hey everyone ive been searching around the forums for how to modify the Japanese Import of Initial D. The issue with it mostly has over 5 min long cutscenes at Story races, that are not even movies but a slideshow with text.
-Ive Figured out to delete the .STR videos and put exact byte dummy data with the command line. And it deletes the videos and plays the game no problem with UltraIso
-Can inject custom tim pictures with timviewer
-The unreasonable long cutscenes are not .STR it seems(They are slide shows of pictures with text)

Ive dug around it a bit and found out about the other formats on the game, and all seem to be unrelated to the beginning of Story mode.

Ive found with some studying I could probably manage a Gameshark code.

However I was looking to play this on a device that the Retroarch port hasn't implemented cheats. Is there any information on hex editing to get the same effect, should I even look into it?

Edit: Watched a pretty good tutorial on youtube about hex editing. And managed to Hex edit out the Slideshow by looking around a bit in the commented section and found story1.dcm and 00 it out)

Also found where probably the menu is, so Ill have to read up how to hex edit replace a file
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