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Author Topic: Extracting sprites from SRW K, L, and W  (Read 1101 times)


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Extracting sprites from SRW K, L, and W
« on: January 29, 2016, 09:07:39 pm »
I've been trying out quite a few different tools and I can't seem to get any luck getting sprites out of the SRW DS titles. Has anyone had any luck ripping sprites out of the DS SRW titles? There's some form of encryption on them and I haven't really dug into figuring out what the encryption is and before I do I was wondering if anyone else had luck getting them out.

I've been trying out quite a few programs but DS Lazy seems to be the easiest and worked best for extracting everything. Right now I have a TON of .bin files, 3 of which look to contain all the game data but the other 90+ seem to contain the sprite or background data. Not sure which.

I could go by hand and go frame by frame and rip sprites manually like that using DeSmuME, but that's a LOT of sprites to be ripping from an SRW title. I mean, have you seen all those attacks? There's a lot.