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Author Topic: Adding code to Gyromite  (Read 1099 times)


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Adding code to Gyromite
« on: August 19, 2015, 01:46:37 pm »
Before I ask my question, here the basic info. So I've been working on a hack for Gyromite, based on a patched rom using JABU's 1 controller hack. So basicly I'm turning it into a game where you play as a Koopa who has to grab Mario Doll bombs with 40 new levels. Ok, so I don't want it to just be a graphic and level rework of Gyromite. Is it possible to add code in Gyromite for a  Piranha plant that would go up and down, with a collision with player that kills player if touched?

My guess would be to use the same code as the Smick, except that instead of having that code have the ememy move around, it would simply go up and down (Behind a tile) and use another set of tiles that would use the same palette as my koopa. Now I say simply ... but I have no knowledge of programming. My main questions are : Can it be done? If yes, can anyone do it?


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Re: Adding code to Gyromite
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2015, 09:14:56 pm »
Can it be done?

The answer to "is it possible" or "can it be done" is almost always "yes".  As long as you don't exceed the technical limitations of the system, you can do it.  In this case, the NES is certainly capable of having a plant move up and down and collide with the player, so it is possible to add this into your game.

I have no knowledge of programming

Then this is certainly beyond your current ability, as this would involve writing entirely new code from scratch, and modifying existing code to work with the new code.  Sorry to be a downer  =(