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Author Topic: Tekken Tag Arcade - Texture Editing  (Read 938 times)


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Tekken Tag Arcade - Texture Editing
« on: August 07, 2015, 06:17:19 am »
Hi Everyone!

I'm new here so I want to quick introduce myself.
I'm Mr_Editor [as U can see :D ], a member of the community focused on playing fighting games on emulators. I'm from Poland, so my English can be not perfect [sorry for that for the future].
My primary function on Honmaru is managing Tekken 3 customization on sub-site called "Customize Arena" at

I had a long pause in it and wanted to do some new stuff, but this time with different Tekken version so I decided to take Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade for a Trip.
If I'm right, Tekken Tag Arcade has the same graphic engine that was in Tekken 3, but the ROM has completly different structure. It contains couple of small files [I guess strongly compressed] with unknown extensions. It makes my standard tools useless, cause TimViewer see nothing after reading TTT ROM.

I'm not good in hex editing and advanced ROM hacking so my question for You is: Is it possible to extract textures from TTT Arcade ROM? What kind of tools should I use? How to decompress files from this ROM?

Anyone Anything?