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Author Topic: Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA Palette Restoration (WIP)  (Read 1529 times)


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Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA Palette Restoration (WIP)
« on: June 03, 2020, 06:59:17 pm »

As I mentioned in my intro post, I decided to take up restoring Donkey Kong Country 2 for GBA. It's going pretty well so far.

I ran into an issue mentioned at with regards to background palettes. As pointed out, there are extra bytes in the palette code, but there's more to how palettes behave in this game. Even if you manage to alter the palettes without harming the extra bytes (doing so will change how objects in the background behave, such as a mouse walking backwards on Pirate Panic), changing the top line also changes other things, like this: turned many

So if anyone has any advice for me on how to handle stuff like this, I'd appreciate that.
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