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Author Topic: I've got the script for The Hollow Little Mermaid  (Read 1778 times)


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I've got the script for The Hollow Little Mermaid
« on: June 02, 2015, 06:49:11 am »
If anyone is interested, I have successfully commissioned for the Madoka mobage scenario The Hollow Little Mermaid.

For those of you who only learned about the game itself through this thread, here are some links to both halves of the scene:

Part 1:
Part 2:

And, here's a sample of the script:

Sayaka: Once again, we got rid of the witch's minions.
Madoka: Sayaka­-chan, are you alright? You look pale.
Sayaka: Huh? No... I’m alright.
Kyoko: Even if you can regenerate fast, your body will take its toll.
Sayaka: Shut up. This is how I fight!
Kyoko: So, charging and hack­-n-­slashing mobs is how you fight?
Sayaka: If I say yeah, anything wrong with that?
Kyoko: Hey, watch your tone. I’m your senior.
Sayaka: There is no senior or junior in Witch hunting!
Mami: Pipe down, you two. Keep in mind who the enemy is.
Sayaka: Yeah, our enemies are Witches.
Madoka: Please. Don’t fight each other.
Homura: You’re not acting like a senior, Kyoko Sakura.
Kyoko: Yeah, yeah, alright. It’s all my fault!
Sayaka: (Sayaka-­chan must be shocked to hear that we Magical Girls are not human anymore.)
Mami: Okay, it is getting late, so we should all go home.
Sayaka: (...? There is someone on top of that building just now.)
Madoka: Sayaka-­chan, we’ll leave you if you don’t hurry up.
Sayaka: (Someone else is watching us. Probably my imagination.)
????: So this is Mitakihara City. It is a good place.
????: Those people are probably the ones protecting this city from the Witches.
????: Looks like it. They look like they can take a beating.
????: .... Let’s hurry up and fight Witches.
????: I like to fight them instead of Witches, though.
????: No need to rush. We need to greet the Witches first.

(Courtesy of Aaron Vincent Vergara on Upwork.)