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Author Topic: Mortal Kombat II hack (Sega Master System)  (Read 1204 times)


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Mortal Kombat II hack (Sega Master System)
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:41:59 pm »
After looking up The Cutting Room Floor's wiki, I decided to take on an try to make the CPU character control as Noob Saibot known as Kitana's black palette named Jade.

I don't much experience with Z80 which Sega Master System uses and I just started learning. All I did to this game is change tournament ladders which I did look through the games RAM code on my BizHawk emulator.



I should say that this is an improvement which edits only the copyright text, tournament ladders, and corrected the ROMs checksums. Nothing else! There is something below that I want to improve to make it better.

- Disable the "Congratulations" cutscene when meeting Smoke & Jade.
- For Smoke & Noob mugshots, it should be ? mugshot like with Jade.
- Female Ninja in black palette should renamed as Noob/Saibot or some other character like Lei or Sarkeena.
- Allow fights in Goro's lair after Pit II. The stage order should go like this. Kombat Tomb, Pit II, Goro's Lair, Kombat Tomb and the loop goes on. That includes hidden characters fight in normal stages.
- Do not skip the 8th match in the tournament ladder. Meaning that blocking is not required to proceed or kicks only.
- Before reaching the 9th match (Shang Tsung), disable the "Return to Outworld" cutscene.
- Disable the Down, the punch, and the kick buttons when the face appears so you would not able to face Smoke.

Once I learned how I use Z80, I should able to edit these if necessary.
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