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Author Topic: Pokemon Classic Edition and Open World Hack (Yellow Version Hacks)  (Read 7008 times)


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Re: Pokemon Classic Edition and Open World Hack (Yellow Version Hacks)
« Reply #20 on: July 07, 2018, 06:18:44 pm »
Any documentation for your Boss Challenge and the Gym Leader tweaks? Your documentation for the Marts and Locations are very thorough and informative!

The Gym Leader tweaks are as follows:
* Erika: Victrebel Lv. 30, Tangela Lv. 32, Vileplume Lv. 32
* Koga: Koffing Lv. 44, Muk Lv. 46, Venemoth Lv. 48, Weezing Lv. 50
* Sabrina: Kadabra Lv. 50, Mr. Mime Lv. 50, Alakazam Lv. 50

Note that the Pokemon still have the boosted levels from Yellow. Koga also has a Venemoth (like Yellow) instead of having a second Koffing, because I thought that having two Koffings and a Weezing was pretty boring. Sabrina doesn't have her Venemoth because she only has space for three Pokemon.

I'm actually redoing the Boss Challenge hack, so I don't have documentation at the moment.

Also, I've done a bunch of testing and tweaking over the past few days, and I've released what I'm pretty sure is the final beta version of my hack. Please re-download it if you've already downloaded it.
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