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Author Topic: Script problem Japanese SRW Endless Frontier EXCEED to English and Español  (Read 2285 times)


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Hi i'm trying to translate the japanese game for the DS Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier EXCEED

I am making this patch for English and Spanish language. As you may have noticed English is not my first language. (Dont worry, my english friend is gonna make the english script)

Well, some time ago was made a partial patch with the enemies and items translated. But the project was canceled.
Using that patch as reference. I went able to translate the first event scenes and the tutorial. The files use only shift-Jis and i been able to see the script without problems using MadEdit

But I' am new at this and i have found a problem with the character speech script . :-\
First of all i have tried uncompressed programs like DSLazy and CrystalTile2 an have appeared *.sb files (In the former SRW EF files the script is located there)
Open with the MadEdit in Shift-Jis was useless. I search for information in the web and i think i need to do a japanese table file. But in japanese is a little hard to locate all the kanas and kanjis in one file and locate the difference of bits (i am using  JWPce)

As help I have the NFTR file and use the same codes to build a table but that not work..........or i am doing it the wrong way.

I do not want you to do all the work, I just need some pointers or tips on how to continue this project.
I appreciate your help to finally get a patch for this great game that deserves it. :thumbsup:


Hola, estoy tratando de hacer un parche Español - Ingles para Super Robot Taisen Endless Frontier EXCEED para el DS ya que solo salio en Japones.

Hace algun tiempo se publico un parche con los menus e items traducidos, pero lamentablemente se cancelo.
Pero utilizandolo como referencia pude lograr traducir los tutoriales, y el evento introductorio ya que solo estaban codificados en shift-Jis.

No se demasiado del tema practico pero estudie y sigo estudiando los principios del ROMhacking.

El problema comenzo cuando trate de comenzar a traducir el script principal (el de los personajes) pude hallar los archivos *.sb  por que me guie del anterior SRW EF, pero al descomprimirlos con DsLazy o CrystalTile2  todavia se me hacia imposible leer los caracteres en MadEdit u otro hex editor. El proble es que me pierdo un poco al tratar de generar o escribir un archivo de tabla japonesa por todos los kanas y kanjis, ademas de la diferencia de los bits.

Halle el archivo NFTR y lo use como referencia (en algunas web lo mencionaban) pero no me resulto o creo que no lo estoy haciendo de la manera correcta.

Si pudieran darme algun consejo o punto de partida para poder comenzar a traducir este gran juego estaria agradecido.
Y si pudieramos trabajar juntos seria mucho mejor.

Desde ya os agradezco sus consejos.   

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Re: Script problem Japanese SRW Endless Frontier EXCEED to English and Español
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2014, 09:12:23 am »
Even though it is a Japanese game, it might use English characters at some place in it.
If it does, use some kind of program ( a hex editor if I recall correctly? ) to locate that text and then change the values of that English text to chance the English characters to all of the characters that the game use for text.
Doing so, you'll be able to make a japanese table file with all the kana and kanjis from the game.

Ah yes, to locate the English characters with an hex editor, assign the value 1 to a, 2 to b, 3 to c and so on or something like that.
My memory about how to do so is a bit fuzzy but in the document section of this website there is stuff that could be useful.
I suggest to start looking here :
Also, it is possible you might need a document called Thingy too to help you locating the letters in the game.
In any case, good luck. ^^