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Author Topic: Translations: Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors Translation Update  (Read 4159 times)


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Update By: Bob Liu

The 99% version of Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors is finally here, nearly everything has been translated so for all those waiting until it's done then now has never been a better time to play. You can get the English patch here on Romhacking or from my dropbox at my blog or the project page.

RHDN Project Page

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Hi, everybody. I'm playing this game (I'm really grateful for the translation :)) but I'm stuck in a puzzle.

It's a puzzle about weights of some blocks with symbols in them. The rest is in the next spoiler

in this puzzle, you are told to switch on two lamps by equaling the weights of the blocks in the room in order to open the door to the next floor. I've used the lights that reveal you which is heavier for comparing them. I 've made the comparisons and I've assigned a number to every block acording to how many of the other blocks are heavier or lighter. So I have this:

square = 0 (all the other block are heavier than this one, so I assigned it a value of 0);  triangle = 1; circle = 2; moon = 3; heart= 4; star = 5 (it's the heaviest block);

Now comes the part in which I have doubts. Are you forced to use ALL the blocks in this puzzle? Because, If that's so, I think it would be insolvable, because, the sum of all gives you an odd number (15), so you can only equal weights if you use only SOME of the blocks (I've tried with combining star + triangle, which is 6, and heart + circle which is also 6. I've also tried moon + heart and star + circle, which both makes 7, but it was no use).

I simply don't know what else to do. I think the method I've used is the right one to solve this puzzle, but I haven't obtained any result. I'm completely clueless. I've repeated the weight calculations several times in case I made a mistake, but I'm almost sure I didn't. It's so unfair to be stuck this way. Please help :(

At last I've solved it.
It seems you have to use all the blocks, 3 blocks for each light, but it doesn't make sense to me anyway. I've just been lucky.

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Slow and steady wins the race. Congrats.


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Aaaaand, stuck again. This is hopeless.  :banghead: :banghead: And this time for good, I'm afraid, since I've been for the whole day.

I'm in the castle which is the next one to the castle with the horrible weight equaling puzzle I've talked about in my previous comment, and I've found a puzzle in which you have to rearrange 4 blocks, in a grid of 4*3 squares. You have hints about how to do it, but I don't understand very well what they mean. I think they're written a little in a "cavespeak" style and, if on top of that, English is not your native language, whis is my case, then you're done for.

The hints are these ones:





And that's all, you're on your own. I've tried all combination possible that (more or less) match the instructions given, but no results so far. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Solved. I've found a walkthrough and I've used it. Yeah, I know, it ruins the fun, bla bla bla... But I wasn't interpreting correctly the first hint so I'd never be able to solve it 'cause I was always rearranging the blocks in a wrong way.
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Yea even the hints given in the game are very vague and mostly useless, glad you found the walkthrough though as that's needed.

Here's the link for others who may get stuck.