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Author Topic: Serio's Castlevania Fighter  (Read 3356 times)


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Serio's Castlevania Fighter
« on: July 24, 2013, 02:14:09 am »
Here is the website for it

And a Demo Video

The game is mostly supposed to be a 'dream match' of some sort, which is why characters from year 1476 up to 2036 are in it.

Note: The story will be changing a lot until finished.

Year 1470, alternate timeline.
Dracula, having found out that his wife was accused of witchery and murdered along with his son, Adrian, who tried to help her by the townspeople goes insane from the grief and launches a full scale war against humanity. The church prepares a counterattack, but all is in vain as the human forces are no match for Dracula's army of darkness.

Year 1472.
Many soldiers die. Many vampire hunters are sent to their deaths, among them a young monk named Sypha.

Year 1476.
The church in desperation seeks for the help of a legendary family of Vampire Hunters, the Belmonts, who were chased out of the country centuries ago when they were found to possess inhuman abilities and branded as heretics. Their current heir, Trevor eventually agrees to help and goes to stop Dracula after being promised the return to Wallachia for his family and the their heresy forgotten.

Unfortunately even he dies during the battle. With the last hope lost, Europe is covered in eternal darkness and despair, and the long, despotic rule of the immortal Vlad Tepes, Dracula begins for many centuries.

Year 1886.
Not being stopped for several centuries Dracula's power grows steadily, as more and more lives are lost and their souls serve as his power. His castle, a huge structure looming over the countryside houses more and more beasts, who terrorize the entire continent.

Was this supposed to be how that story ended? It would normally be so, but Dracula's power eventually grew so huge it started affecting alternate dimensions, covering them in darkness and despair, giving birth to hellish beasts and wars.
And so, eventually a very similar dimension, where everything was going the exact same way until the year 1470 when Dracula's son, Adrian was spared his death due to his mother's last words was affected too. The land was quickly overrun by monsters all across the timeline and eventually Dracula's curse returned as well.

It was also the dimension that housed a certain time traveler, named Saint Germain. When the curse returned he immediately started investigating, and eventually discovered the cause. Knowing, that Dracula's power in that alternate world was too great for one person to handle he decided to gather the strongest people from all across the time, who were affected by the Curse, as well as those related to it in some way.

And now, after gathering them and taking to the root of their renewed misfortune caused by the returning curse the hunters prepare to storm the dark castle in order to stop Dracula.

You as a player can chose one of these characters and go through several battles with Dracula's powerful minions in order to reach Dracula and defeat him.

Each character has most of their unique abilities from their orginal game, except some of the most cheap ones. The gameplay is supposed to be more less castlevaniaish, focusing on the fighting part instead of platforming. Controls should be more less like in Symphony of the Night and the following games, although enhanced with more mobility.