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Author Topic: Final Fantasy 9 - Additional Data Location Request  (Read 1473 times)


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Final Fantasy 9 - Additional Data Location Request
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:23:37 pm »
When I looked for this on Google I got the following hi, but didn't find much else: Link

I was wondering if anyone had discovered additional data locations for this game, as I've recently found I am capable of emulating it (my old computer couldn't handle it).  In particular, I'm trying to find where the game stores the data for which characters access which abilities (for example, what controls all the main characters having access to the Auto-(X) Support abilities, etc.), as well as the power/targeting mechanics for the Action abilities (though I suppose that one I can just look for MP costs as I already have the order of abilities the way they're stored in the game).

I tried to find the Support ability allocation on my own, but didn't come up with anything (Vivi, for example, would be 1F 01 00 C3 0D 19 6B 07 if the game simply used bit addition to keep track for each character, but I didn't get any hits upon searching the .bin file).  If anyone else on here has tried hacking into this game and found something I'd be very grateful to hear about it, even if it's not the aforementioned data.

EDIT: Located the spell data (actually I think this was already found by CzarDragon, but I only saw documentation for RAM addresses on GameFAQs).  Really wanting to find how the 'X character has access to Y abilities' data is stored (want to swap around some support abilities), so if anyone is willing to share that post it here.  I don't know if a .bin address location will really help much, but for my NTSC copy of the .bin file of Disc One the spell data starts at $344714).
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