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Author Topic: Could somebody compare StarCraft 64 .CHK files with Brood War files?  (Read 3989 times)


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  I don't have a copy of Brood Wars (only vanilla), so I can't do this myself without some degree of piracy. 

  I've extracted the complete set of .chk (sometimes known as .scx files) from StarCraft 64.  They're formatted exactly like PC files and also include the same swaths of completely unused info.  The big question is how these compare to the PC Brood War set, and which were never released on PC.  It was supposed to have exclusive stages.

  Anyway, anyone interested in checking them?  Pertinent link is:

  I still have to write a compressor for the LZ being used, but testing some (much smaller) PC format .chks seem to work fine.  Just finished the decompressor for data files today, though need to hit the two wav types later.  Also need to work out how the filename hashing is done, at least if insertion/extension is ever going to be sensible.  Not necessary, sure, but for completeness sake.


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Re: Could somebody compare StarCraft 64 .CHK files with Brood War files?
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2012, 01:37:56 pm »
I didn't notice any similar names. Your names are in german, while mine are in english. I only checked the ordinary scenarios, your package seems to have campaign scenarios extracted as well.


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Re: Could somebody compare StarCraft 64 .CHK files with Brood War files?
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2012, 04:41:25 pm »
Actually I had to base the names off the internal strings (first one that seemed to make sense) since all actual filenames are little more than 4-byte hashes.

Do the scenarios themselves at least seem similiar?


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Re: Could somebody compare StarCraft 64 .CHK files with Brood War files?
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2012, 05:59:35 pm »
Everyone knows about Resurrection IV, but has anyone heard of a map called Mass Hysteria?
I can't seem to find anything on some cursory googling, but maybe somebody else knows more--like how to unlock it in-game, etc.

I've been trying to work out the filenames for each of the hashes used (if there's an in-game algorithm I sure as heck haven't found it) and there's a scenario.chk at the very end of the list that's unaccounted for.

Here's a clipping of just the scenarios so you can see how it's arranged:
Code: [Select]
0xAA5AFE (0x2859B) mass "campaign\terran\tutoriala\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAA9D5C (0x24419) mass "campaign\terran\tutorialb\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAADC82 (0x1753F) mass "campaign\terran\terran01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAB1A9E (0x1B525) mass "campaign\terran\terran02\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAB58B0 (0x24A2F) mass "campaign\terran\terran03\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xABBB9C (0x45367) mass "campaign\terran\terran04\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAC121E (0x27ECF) mass "campaign\terran\terran05\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAC70B2 (0x2AF31) mass "campaign\terran\terran06\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xACCF30 (0x2C36B) mass "campaign\terran\terran08\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAD3F64 (0x35FA7) mass "campaign\terran\terran09\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xADB290 (0x2D060) mass "campaign\terran\terran11\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAE115A (0x33B6D) mass "campaign\terran\terran12\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAE87D6 (0x1A3DC) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAEC398 (0x233AA) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg02\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAF1D56 (0x1A68D) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg03\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAF5D46 (0x22917) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg04\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xAFA8FE (0x46EFF) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg05\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB01914 (0x33D52) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg06\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB09E8A (0x330E8) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg07\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB115EC (0x452C0) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg08\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB19166 (0x38DBD) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg09\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB21D04 (0x2D1AD) mass "campaign\zerg\zerg10\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB28D18 (0x25752) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB2E652 (0x1BE27) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss02\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB331DC (0x28A36) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss03\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB3A0FC (0x366FC) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss04\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB40EA8 (0x35500) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss05\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB47AB0 (0x3E5E1) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss06\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB4DD44 (0x366BC) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss07\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB568EC (0x342D7) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss08\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB5F61C (0x36A3C) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss09\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB674AE (0x35A96) mass "campaign\protoss\protoss10\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB6FF12 (0x6C702) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB7A048 (0x2FC16) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss02\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB815DC (0x36E12) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss03\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB87E00 (0x3635D) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss04\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB8FB2C (0x6C335) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss05\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xB98B28 (0x3E6C3) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss06\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBA11B2 (0x41964) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss07\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBAC59C (0x6963F) mass "campaign\expprotoss\protoss08\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBBC63E (0x25E56) mass "campaign\expterran\terran01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBC28E2 (0x75E32) mass "campaign\expterran\terran02\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBCDC58 (0x3C61F) mass "campaign\expterran\terran03\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBD5CFE (0x41D82) mass "campaign\expterran\terran04\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBDF19A (0x6376E) mass "campaign\expterran\terran05a\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBED4FC (0x53556) mass "campaign\expterran\terran05b\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xBFA858 (0x5C6BF) mass "campaign\expterran\terran06\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC0521E (0xA0BEF) mass "campaign\expterran\terran07\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC111F8 (0x83058) mass "campaign\expterran\terran08\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC20142 (0x52107) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC293D4 (0x5E2FF) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg02\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC3439E (0x3CD04) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg03\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC3D9CA (0x2C662) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg04a\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC45A42 (0x53248) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg05\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC532E4 (0x6D42A) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg06\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC5FB78 (0x36F37) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg07\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC694B8 (0x4870F) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg08\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC737D0 (0x38300) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg09\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC7B712 (0x68C64) mass "campaign\expzerg\zerg10\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC89DD0 (0x33E81) mass "campaign\bonus\bonus01\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC91822 (0x258A7) mass "maps\(2)Challenger\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC966B2 (0x25B1B) mass "maps\(2)River Styx\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xC9CABC (0x2ED82) mass "maps\(2)Solar Station\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCA1FF8 (0x2E8CE) mass "maps\(2)Discovery\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCA81A6 (0x13048) mass "maps\(2)Space Madness\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCAAC56 (0x13025) mass "maps\(2)The Small Divide\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCAD3EC (0x1F046) mass "maps\(2)Volcanis\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCB1AD4 (0x1F039) mass "maps\(3)Three Kingdoms\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCB6E86 (0x2F0FA) mass "maps\(3)Triumvirate\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCBE132 (0x301A1) mass "maps\(3)Monkey Business\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCC6E64 (0x2EAB9) mass "maps\(3)Meltdown\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCCC860 (0x13500) mass "maps\(4)Blood Bath\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCCEF4C (0x25B13) mass "maps\(4)Spaced Out\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCD4072 (0x2F20D) mass "maps\(4)Out of Time\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCDA5D0 (0x2F136) mass "maps\(4)Brushfire\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCE2340 (0x2EE96) mass "maps\(4)Dire Straits\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCE7BE4 (0x2F76D) mass "maps\(4)Opposing Cities\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCEFBA4 (0x25B5E) mass "maps\(4)Power Lines\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCF6594 (0x2F574) mass "maps\(4)Lost Temple\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xCFEC34 (0x2F142) mass "maps\(4)Tarsonis Orbital\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD04F0E (0x2F3DE) mass "maps\(5)Island Hop\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD0B742 (0x2F594) mass "maps\(5)Predators\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD12E78 (0x33470) mass "maps\(6)Ground Zero\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD199BC (0x2F268) mass "maps\(6)Divided Factions\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD1FB28 (0x2F4F8) mass "maps\(8)The Hunters\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD26262 (0x2F493) mass "maps\(8)Orbital Death\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD2C3F2 (0x2F79B) mass "maps\(8)Eruption\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD32FB8 (0x42F54) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Pro Bowl\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD39696 (0x1D151) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Round-Up\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD3C8BC (0x30DD1) mass "maps\scenario\(2)King of the Hill\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD44594 (0x338EC) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Old Faithful\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD4AF1E (0x2FC68) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Guardians\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD50DBE (0x34A60) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Zerg Troopers\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD55480 (0x72C29) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Resurrection IV\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD64D86 (0x3FA75) mass "maps\scenario\(2)Rage\staredit\scenario.chk"
0xD6B3E2 (0x60CDE) mass "maps\scenario\Mass Hysteria\staredit\scenario.chk"
"maps\scenario\Mass Hysteria\staredit\scenario.chk" isn't the actual name, just a pending assignment.  It could be a /bonus/bonus02 for all I know.  It doesn't seem like it's set up as a scenario but more like a stage.

It has a hilarious script though:
Code: [Select]
Mass Hysteria
Survive until 6:00pm
Opening Shuttle Start
Opening shuttle end
Ever since Mass Media started this Starcraft N64 project weird things have been happening around the office. I'll be back here at 1800 hours.
Survive and collect as Mass Medians possible.  Good Luck.
Front Door
Back Door
Demo Systems door
Bay door left
Bay door right
Other neighbor's door
Mithra's inside door
Mithra's outside door
Girl's bathroom door
Boy's bathroom door
Boy's bathroom inner door
Confer room door
Candy Jar
Char's greeting end
Char's Greeting start
Candy Machine
Soda Machine
Xerox machine
Robin's office
Dan's office
Nick's office
Paul's office
Michelle's office
Travis' office
Bernie's office
Andy's office
Mithra's office
Lee's office
Rob's office
Ken's office
David's office
Gir's bathroom
Confer room table
pool table cue
pool table rack
Arcade pit 1
Arcade pit 2
ping pong bob side
ping pong nick side
Air condition
Steve gone
visitor parking
Mithra's car
ian's bike
Ken Lobb
Michelle Yergos
Bernie Wang
Andy Green
Dan Pinal
Paul Mithra
Chris Shrigley
David Todd
Ken Jordan
Mike Berro
Bob Celardo
Lee Chidgey
Rob Toone
Paul Hoffmeier
Char Bohnhoff
Alvyn Ramirez
Robin Karlsson
Dan Santiago
Nick Jacob
Ian Sabine
Steve Agoston
Travis Eastepp
Mass Medians
All intelligence indicates that this building is the source of all Zerg Broods.  I'd avoid this area if I were you.
Demo systems
Other Neighbor
has been at demo sys door
Steve goes
Dan Smith
I'm sorry we use that space for visitor parking.  Don't go there again. I'd like you to leave now before I become impolite.
Force 4
Mass Medians
Computer Bugs (Yick)
Mass Medians
Hi I'm Char.  I'll be your personal medic while your here.  Wanna come look at my Beany animal collection?
Darn Car!
Those fans are really pushing the cool air around.  I think it's comfortable in here don't you?
I've got high score on that chomp boy game, 97,300.
Hmmf.  No sound.  That's not good.
The door's closed but just go in there anyway.  Don't look in the mirror though.
Hey, a new copy of Game Maker's Magazine.
The candy jar is always out of tart and sweets, why is that?
They don't make candy like this back in jolly old England.
What are you doing on the conference room table?  I like it... Here's a dollar.
Wanna play foosball for paychecks?
Don't eat that.  It's that good smelling stuff people put in bathroom's
That is good smelling stuff, where did you get it?
Wasn't that aMAZEing?
Okay, okay.  I'll play with you, Nick.
Just stay there Dan, I wouldn't want you to strain anything by picking up any of the ping pong balls.
Watch this shot.  Most of the balls will stay on the table.
Did I hear someone rack 'em?
That is the most archaic soda machine I've ever seen.  Where did we get it from, Russian World War II military surplus?
There are over 40 different kinds of non functioning network cards there in the recycled computer parts area.  More than most third world countries have.
You say you are trying to be a game designer, do you.  Seek or seek not.  There is no try.  Game design knowledge comes from within.
Hey, look what I made with the copier.
Already been to candy jar
Right down the street.  There's this little coffee shop with tea sets and the really bad sandwiches.
Oh yes.  That place with the lavender curtains.  I just adore that place.
I    am    outta here...
Field Mice
Hey you survived.  Seeing as you played this whole thing, you are indeed worthy of being an honorary Mass Median.  Please send $2.99 and proof of purchase for your purple elephant.
Paul's RC blimp
Mission Objectives:

-Survive until 6:00.

-Find and rescue as many

 Mass Medians as you can.
Please don't send money.  There are no elephants.
It's lunch time.  You're half way there.  Keep up the good work.
scott spot
weekly planer
confer room board
What do you mean, I can't park here?
Scott Sava
What's that next to the bowl?

They're working at home.  He's got a doctor's appt.  She's off getting married.  He's picking up his kids. He's home sick...went back to England???  ...Who's left?
Location 55
Hello... did I miss anything?

Oh, as one other note, the BLTNxxxx.wav things refer to the N64 wave files.  Instead of using the original filenames (except for things like combeep00, etc) they use an index into one master list of wav files following the BOLT archive.
It's one half of the wav file.  Can't seem to find the other yet.

I'm concidering tracking down the level designers to find out more about this.  There's got to be a silly story behind it.


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Re: Could somebody compare StarCraft 64 .CHK files with Brood War files?
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2012, 09:07:58 pm »
You can get Brood War for free. Create a account, then go to the account management page somewhere. There will be a place to enter a CD key. Put you classic SC CD key there.  After that, you can download the combined SC+BW installer from their site.

Note that the site will give you a longer CD key as a replacement that you need for the downloadable version.


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Re: Could somebody compare StarCraft 64 .CHK files with Brood War files?
« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2012, 10:27:22 pm »
Ah!  Thanks!  Good to know.  I'll go ahead and do that soon.

I'm still shady on the conditions for Mass Hysteria, but it looks like it's a mission. Can't find the conditional but did find a register for switching the map offset number (add 0x808 to it for actual).
This GS code will work for NTSC retail:
800D13F9 005F
No idea the condition for getting to play it normally.
Basically, turn the code on and select any old episode map, such as the tutorial.

The map consists of walking around the Mass Media offices rescuing employees while laughing at silly little messages attached to virtually every room and pocket.  When stuffed into an .scm it will play fine on PC, with the minor issue of ignoring the briefing pages.